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About Us

About Us

SR Constructions

SR Constructions in Manna-Valapattanam, Kannur, is an architectural and contracting firm, which satisfactorily cater to the demands of its consumer base. The business strives to make for a effective revel in through its services.

With over 9 years+ of experience in various stage of project completion and 20+ completed projects, SR Constructions has become pioneers in construction field. SR Constructions Manna-Valapattanam covers a wide range of architectural works. Our services are mainly architectural, interior / exterior design,Construction Contract throughout all over Kerala.

In the highly competitive and dynamic world of decorating, a constant up-gradation of interior decoration techniques, reliable products, and unmatched services are needed to stay ahead of our competitors.

We were setting developments within the housing arena in Kannur, and are proud to have built some of the most coveted living areas inside the city Everyone can construct a house, SR don't just construct houses , we assist you realise your goals,every development, each rental constructing, every villa, every house -is a labour of love; a excellent art that we take satisfaction in; a symphony, exceptional-tuned to perfection.